Specialist & Adult Breast Care

Specialist and adult breast care

Specialist and Adult Breast Care

We are passionate about breast care and offer a wide range of specialist and adult breast advice from pre and post natal, breast implants and reductions to general advice. I am based in the West Midlands and cover the surrounding areas of North Warwickshire and beyond. Please see below or get in touch for further information.

Pre & Post Natal Advice

We provide breast care advice before, during and after the birth of your beautiful baby, which aims to give you maximum peace of mind, support and comfort throughout.
This advice will be adapted for Antenatal classes with a visual and interactive presentation.
Pre & Post Natal Advice
Mums spend so much time planning and caring for new babies and need to remember that this is also a very important time for them to care for their breasts.
We want to give you as much information and advice as we can. We will start by taking you through step by step on when to start wearing your maternity/nursing bras.

We give advice on how each bra should be fitted to give you maximum growing room throughout and during pregnancy.

Bra fittings should be carried out every trimester. However you may not need a new bra size so often, if the right bra is fitted correctly in the first place.

The way you should be fitted once baby arrives is different again to give your breast that little bit more support, and make them more accessible for breast feeding

Once breast feeding is completed or if you choose not to breast feed, we will give advice on when you should return to wearing what is often a wired bra for many ladies.

By wearing a poorly fitting bra at this important stage, damage can be caused to the breast tissue. Advice and guidance from a trained bra fitter is so important. 

Community Breast Care really does care and also offer private bra fittings and advice.

For more information on this personalised service please contact Alison, based in Tamworth, North Warwickshire. 

Ladies who are 40+

Community Breast Care is here to provide advice for all women. From a young girl upwards we all should be educated on how a bra should be fitted. So if you are 40+ then you to need to know how a bra should fit.
Ladies who are 40+
As you may have gathered, Community Breast Care wants to educate all young girls from the ideal age of eight upwards. This is because as a Bra Adviser with over ten years’ experience, I know how important it is to look after your breast. I also know how difficult it can be to get a bra fitting with an adviser who has compassion, and empathy as well as discretion. 

As our youngsters are developing earlier than previous generations I want to protect them against any medical conditions, which can be caused by ill-fitting bras and to encourage them to start wearing a little crop-top as soon as their little buds start to grow, and to educate them how and when a bra should be fitted. This will give them the tools later in life to be able to bra fit themselves and their children of our future.

Because I am a Mom and also in my forties, I know it was very rare to be taken for a bra fitting all those years ago. I also know from being a bra fitter and adviser that nine out of ten ladies are wearing the wrong size bra and the majority of these women are of mature age.

For some reason when it comes to a bra size, older women think they are the same size they have always been and that one size in any bra will fit. This is however not the case as some bras will come up bigger than others due to being made from different materials and manufactured by different companies. Also not all bras suit all ladies due to style, shape and construction of the bra.

Community Breast Care therefore is offered to large and small companies for all their female staff, who want to be given the correct information to help them choose the right bra for them, for maximum support and comfort while at work or home.

Community Breast Care is tailored to fit in with health and wellbeing days. This will be a fun visual and interactive presentation offered to all who wish to take part. 

Community Breast Care would like to remind ladies to carry out self-examination and the need to be breast aware.
Please click the link for self-examination. This will give you some helpful advice on when and how to carry this out.

Breast Cancer

Community Breast Care offers support and advice to all women of whatever age who have had or are going through Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer is now affecting one in eight UK women, and I have helped and supported many ladies through this challenging time. 

Community Breast Care, offers a compassionate, private, professional and personal bra fitting service. This is available to ladies of all ages both pre and post-surgery, throughout NHS funded and Private sector hospitals. We listen to the individual lady and her needs. Our service can be arranged, as a private home visit if required. We want each individual lady to feel at ease and comfortable. We know that this is an emotional and stressful time in her life, we want to take some of that stress and anxiety away and make her feel safe and as comfortable as possible in her homely environment. 

Community Breast Care also works closely with the Harry Moseley Charity, Help Harry Help Others and their Cancer Support Centre. The centre has been created to offer patients and their families any additional support they may need outside of treatment, and this is all accessible under one roof. 

We also highly recommend Liz Cox who is a professional hair and wig specialist, again she also offers private, personal home visits for anyone needing guidance on hair care and hair loss during illness.

Breast Implants

Information and advice before and after under-going surgery for implants.
Breast Implants
Community Breast Care believes all ladies who are considering having implants, should have a correct bra fitting first.

Lots of ladies have implants for all the wrong reasons, one of the most common is they feel they have no breast. However I have found over a period of years, this is because they have not been wearing the right bra to complement and enhance their breast.

On average they have been wearing a bra that is from one to four cup sizes too small for them. They have also worn a plunge bra and if they had chosen a full cup or balcony bra this may have given them the nice round shape they prefer rather than the need for surgery.

Community Breast Care, wishes to advise all ladies on how to care for their breast and implants. Wearing the wrong size bra after having implants can not only damage breast tissue but can also cause damage to your implants over a period of time.

Community Breast Care offers one to one private and personal service, which is tailored to suit ones individual needs. 

Please contact Alison at Community Breast Care for information on how to book your appointment today.

Breast Reductions

Advice on breast reductions and which is the right bra for you.

Most ladies will have breast reductions for medical reasons only. It is well known that the fuller and larger the breast, the heavier they are which then puts strain on your back, neck and shoulders. 
Breast care support
While waiting for surgery I always recommend a non-wired total support bra or sports bra. This will help reduce some pain and discomfort. Non-wired bras are more comfortable and supportive giving a nice lift to the breast, and you can sleep in them if needed. 

Community Breast Care recommends a bra fitting before and after surgery, this is to give you the correct information on how your bra should fit as an individual.

Please see my breast advice page, for helpful tips and advice on how these bras should be fitted.

Please contact Alison for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not just one bra size, size does vary on style, manufacture of a bra, and even the colour. This is why it is so important to be bra fitted every 6-12 months as your size and shape will change with weight gain or loss. 

Sports Bras

Advice for all ages on how to care for your breast and carry on with that favourite sport. We want you to look and feel confident in all your sporting activities.
This can only be done if you have the right tool and that is a good bra.
Breast care awareness
At Community Breast Care, we know all young people should be encouraged to take part in sport whether it's gymnastics, horse-riding, football, dancing, etc.

However we are also aware how many young girls will drop out of the activities they love the most because of discomfort or embarrassment due to their developing breasts. They may feel intimidated, peer pressured and uncomfortable and can also be suffering from growing pains or stretch marks.

Community Breast Care wants to give girls from the age of eight upwards the tool to carry on with sports throughout their life. We want to help reduce growing pains and the risk of stretch marks for younger girls.

Older girls, young ladies and mature ladies we want you all to feel confident, comfortable and well supported in your sporting activate, to enable you to carry on for as long as you feel fit too. 

That essential tool is the correct bra for that individual’s needs. By wearing a sports bra or a non-wired total support bra it will give you the support your breasts need, to protect them against stretch marks and growing pains, at the same time giving you the lift and look you want from a good fitting bra. 

It does not matter how young or old you may be, but getting the right support from the right bra for you does matter to us.

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