Recently Diagnosed Breast Cancer

Recently Diagnosed Breast Cancer

If you have been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, here are Community Breast Care, we can offer help and advice on your pre and post surgery bras.
We also offer discreet home visits for private fittings.

Discrete bra fitting service in the comfort of your own home

Whether you are a working professional, a full time working Mum, lack in body confidence or have recently had surgery, I can offer you a personal and discrete bra fitting service in your own home. Wearing the correct bra can make a huge difference to the way you look in your clothes, can give better posture, make you look slimmer as well as the health benefits to your breasts.

Your one-to-one bra consultation will last up to an hour. I will come to your home and after listening to your needs will measure you to get the correct bra for you. I will offer a selection of bras to try on to make sure we get the correct fit, as measuring is not enough. There will be a selection of bras to purchase in different styles and colours. The service doesn't stop there as you can always contact me afterwards for advice too.

Bra's & Prothesis

Bra's and Prothesis are not only fitted by ourselves but can also be supplied and purchased privately.

We highly recommend a good bra fitting before going for your prothesis fitting.

Please get in touch with Community Breast Care today for further information.   We cover the Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwickshire and the whole of the Midlands.

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