Community Breast Care

educational workshops

The reason for Community Breast Care and more about our educational workshops & tutorials

educational tutorials

The reason for Community Breast Care and educational workshops/tutorials

There is no education given to breast care within schools, colleges, universities, work placements.

Girls and ladies of all ages need to be educated in how to wear a bra and how a bra should be fitted. They need educating from a young age as this will help them to love and look after their breasts. They need within school age, educational classes on breast education, including how to carry out self-examination.

Covering Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton,  West Midlands, North Warwickshire and the rest of England, please contact me for further information on our workshops. 
Breast education

Breast education is needed now to help prevent late diagnosis - workshops run across England

If we can educate daughters, mothers, grandmothers, from an early age this will make women more breast aware. If then, there is a change to their breast, this will be noticed sooner rather than later! Therefore early diagnosis means a greater chance of survival.

Breast cancer now effects one in eight females within the UK. We need to educate to prevent late diagnosis, we need to educate people from all backgrounds including the newly arrived on how to look after themselves and their breast. After all if we don’t look after them, then who will??

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