I am so proud of how Community Breast Care is being received by my clients and want to give you some of the great feedback that is being said of my service.   Please have a look at some of the snippets of appreciation and thanks.

Community Breast Care was invited to Starbank School in order to deliver a workshop for parents to raise awareness on issues such as types of bras available, how to get the best fitting bra and self-examination. 

Community Breast Care and Alison Boyd were very professional in their approach, extremely informative and made all the parents feel at ease, no one was embarrassed. Everyone learnt something that day including myself. Information was given on how many women are wearing the incorrect bra size and the detrimental impact this can cause on their back, shoulders, posture and confidence levels. Alison also discussed the impact of women carrying their mobiles in their bras explaining this action can contribute to developing breast cancer. 

All in all the feedback from parents was fantastic, they learnt a lot and some have since taken their daughter's bra fittings.

Community Breast Care is a brilliant service and all women should have the opportunity to hear Alison speak. We will definitely have Alison back at Starbank School again.

A big thank you to Alison Boyd and Community Breast Care.

Christine Francis, Starbank School, Birmingham

The community breast care sessions with our students have been excellent, very informative and valuable for our students. Students have felt comfortable asking questions and getting involved with discussions and they have left the session feeling more confident and knowledgeable.

Many thanks to Community Breast Care Solutions and in particular Alison, who delivered sessions and made our girls feel so comfortable.

Emma Bush, The Coleshill School

Hi Alison,

What can i say? Excellent fitting and comfort. My Daughter is more confident within herself and her clothes look a lot better. 

Thanks again to our personal fitter Alison xx

Private Consultation

Alison is extremely professional, friendly, helpful and patient. I have recently lost a lot of weight after having 2 children so when I went to see Alison for a measurement my whole body shape had changed. 

Alison happily spent time with me trying every style of bra imaginable to get that correct fit and comfort. As each style was being tried Alison explained why it wasn’t suitable and the effects of wearing an incorrect bra have upon your breasts. 

I will now only see Alison for regular measurement checks.

Private Consultation

After I had recovered from having a mastectomy and reconstruction I was unable to find a bra that fit and was comfortable - sometimes not the same thing I discovered! It was an expensive and quite upsetting experience as often the bra I was fitted with and which seemed fine for a couple of days ended up uncomfortable and unwearable. In desperation, I even travelled over 100 miles for a fitting with a specialist manufacturer but even that was not a long-term solution.

When I met Alison and I immediately felt comfortable, she has immense experience and knowledge as well as being patient and caring. She took the time to listen to me and explained how to select and fit a bra correctly. Alison also explained why the bras she selected were best for my particular needs.

 I cannot describe the feeling of once again wearing an attractive and comfortable bra, which is just as comfortable six months later! 

Thank you, Alison.

Private Consultation
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