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Breast workshops

Breast Care Workshops for Schools, Youth Clubs & Community Centres

We deliver workshops for many different groups including churches, offices, prisons, youth clubs, community centres, women's shelters and many more to help raise awareness and educate on breast care. If you would like a workshop for your group, then please get in touch with me to discuss this further.

School Tutorials

We offer tailor-made bespoke packages for each individual schools needs, covering 
tutorials and workshops for girls in West Midlands and North Warwickshire and across England. 
All of these are age related and can be done within school hours or after school clubs. 
All staff are DBS registered and personally trained by myself.
Please see below for a breakdown and give me a ring for further information.
Daisy’s Bosom Buddies (8 – 11) primary school years 5 & 6

Daisy’s Bosom Buddies (8 – 11) primary school years 5 & 6

Help and advice for all young girls and their mothers/carers on when and how their first bra should be fitted, and how often they will need to be fitted as their bodies develop.
Community Breast Care offers caring and sensitive advice.
Girls are reaching puberty at an increasingly young age and they can often feel very embarrassed and self-conscious and not quite sure when they should start wearing their first crop top or bra. 

The thought of shopping for a first bra or going for a first bra fitting can be quite daunting and scary for a young girl as they may not know how a bra should fit and how a bra fitting is carried out. It is also important that they know why they need to wear a correct fitting bra especially at such a young age.

We want all young girls and their mothers to embrace this first milestone, we want to give them all the confidence and support we can to make this a very special time in their life.

Community Breast Care is here to answer those tricky questions all young girls have about their growing breasts. We are also here to support their loving mothers and carers, after all this too can be a difficult time for them to accept their little girls are growing up. 

Community Breast Care is a unique and a private service which is offered to schools at a mother/carer daughter evening, in a friendly and familiar environment which they are used too.

We include an age appropriate, interactive and visual presentation along with an information leaflet of FAQs, which will allow mothers and carers to keep a check on their daughter’s growth, as well as educating all who take part on how to care for their developing breasts.
Teens Inspired Breast Awareness Workshop

Teens Inspired Breast Awareness Workshop for girls - (11 – 16) Secondary school years 7 onwards (Isobella)

Workshops in schools will run alongside PSHE classes, which can also be adapted for after school as mother/career daughter evenings.

The workshops will give help and advice on not only how a bra should fit, but will cover the different styles of bras to suit individual age and purpose at this very important milestone in their life.

For example a very active girl needs a good sports bra for maximum support and comfort. This will enable them to carry on with sports throughout school and college life, and will help them feel more confident and comfortable in all sports activities.

Many young girls may feel embarrassed as they start their journey in to puberty, therefore this will be offered in schools or after school in a familiar and friendly environment. The presentation will be fun and interactive, educating and informing the girls how to fit themselves with the help of their mothers/guardian. In addition to this presentation, a small booklet will be handed out containing my website information and FAQs.

We know only too well, that body image and peer pressure plays a huge part in young girls lives today. By not having and wearing the correct bra for sports and fitness activities, we know most girls will not continue with physical education! This is due to their lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and them feeling embarrassed to run for a ball, or to jump up and down during aerobics! This is just a couple of examples why we offer breast care advice and give information in schools. 

From year 7 upwards we will include how to self-examine and how to continue breast care throughout their lives. 

Prevention is better than cure! Education raises awareness and improves lives.

We run workshops in schools across West Midlands, North Warwickshire and the whole of England. 

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